The captain vanished overboard in a swell of blood and brine, clutching the last of the gold to his chest. Mutinous buccaneers seethed and cursed from bow to stern, damning the forsaken vessel and their treacherous commander. Then came cannon thunder, gun-smoke, the scent of burnt powder. Her Majesty‚Äôs sailors navigated the privateer ship, engaging […]

The Why

Sometimes I find myself thinking, wondering, imagining, and even, on occasion, dreaming. Not the normal fantasies of life(though I must admit cars and travel and entertainment of kinds fill my conscious thought in great volume), but the reasoning behind the ‘why’. Why do I write? I’ve never been published. I’ve had friends and family who’ve […]

Disrupted Mortality

Dreaded blackness creeps upon me, as I pace the frigid concrete. Ting of metal and flickering lights, chambers filled with decaying frights. Rigid limbs and pale skin, again I hear the haunting din. Pulse is racing, hairs stand on end, as evil embrace me as friend. Sinister visions dance by my eyes, cognitions, haunts, truths […]

The Shop of Undoing

A writing prompt that was shown to me on Reddit: You own a shop in a fantasy world and people keep returning items that you had previously sold to someone else. I wrote a longer, different version but that needs work for which I do not currently have time, so this is a short: THE […]

The Crows

Throughout his life he cared for them, but they only stole his energy. He fed them daily but they starved his vitality. He remembered running through the fields as a boy and they would fly up from the thick grasses, flock together, sometimes landing in the pines before swooping back to the ground. There were […]

When You Sow Spoiled Seeds

“Pour me another,” said Paul, “Make it a double.” The old barkeep reached for the half-empty bottle of bourbon from the top shelf. The golden liquid flashed beneath the dim lights as he tipped its contents into a Collins glass. No ice. The man had been drinking them that way all night. For hours now […]


Her tongue tingles with a faint numbness. Fire burns her throat. The pit of her stomach tightens, the content unsettled. Her soul glows fiery hot; her lips are painted red to match. Her heart is hollow, dead. Black mascara and eye shadow darken her empty orbs. The passion that had once filled her, consumed her, […]


Dirt pattered like a terrestrial rain as it landed. A rich, earthy aroma wafted upward with each scoop. Freshly turned, it was soft, moist, dark. The firm layer protecting the loose soil below had been breached by the pointed spade. The earth was opened, spilling out her heart; it was a wound, a puncture in […]

The Storm in His Eyes

His eyes were dark, cloudy-gray. Lightning flashed in them as they narrowed to angry slits. A rumble of thunder filled his chest. It was only a matter of time before the fury would be unleashed. His eyes were a reflection of the sky and the storm was rolling in. Why Becky put up with him […]

Karma and Coke

Ben’s blood froze. His face was pale and his skin was beaded with a cold sweat. It wasn’t the first time he’d seen a dead body. As the county coroner dead bodies were his business. But this time was different, this time it was his fault… Tom had pushed him. One more drink. One more […]