The Why

Sometimes I find myself thinking, wondering, imagining, and even, on occasion, dreaming. Not the normal fantasies of life(though I must admit cars and travel and entertainment of kinds fill my conscious thought in great volume), but the reasoning behind the ‘why’. Why do I write? I’ve never been published. I’ve had friends and family who’ve […]

Finding Inspiration

I’m sitting at a bar right now, enjoying a beer that, honestly, isn’t that great. But still, I am enjoying it for the simple fact that I enjoy trying new beers. I dunno what else I should be doing, but I know what else I could be doing. It got me to thinking: Where can […]

Purpose vs Passion

I thought today about the things you can accomplish just having the desire to accomplish it. Then I thought how sometimes desire alone doesn’t really mean all that much. If you need to get something done, but it requires a skill you don’t have, you can, fairly easily, learn to do many different things. Humans […]